Opening New Doors

Opening New Doors

August 20, 2018

Hi! My name is Audra, almost all of you will know me from following my personal art through Instagram, Twitter or YouTube but some of you might be new. I'm posting this to offer a bit of backstory for Oniberri, but also to explain why I have chosen to create the site under another brand name this time around.

It's been about a year since I had closed my personal shop. I was overwhelmed by support to the extent that it became too much work for me to process. It was a good problem to have but over time it reflected negatively on every aspect of my life because I couldn't keep up. I believe that balance is the most important part of everything on this planet and balance is what I didn't have. I found that I didn't have any time to make new work and I fell into a bad place. I closed the store after a particularly bad anxiety attack and moved to a mountain in the middle of nowhere. I did this to hibernate and process my life, career, mental state and relationships but also to try and spend some time with family. The family part didn't pan out too well considering it was 6 months of 5ft Canadian snow that basically kept us prisoners in our cabin eating soup off of our wood stove, we were very isolated. It wasn't the best of times, I had some bad luck with a book printer when I released my first book, and I'm pretty sure that house was cursed BUT I survived and am back at my home base at Victoria, BC!

I spent the past year contemplating how I could continue to nurture my business and my art while keeping balance in my life. That was when I realized I needed to find a team to help me with the logistics. After months of searching for trustworthy quality logistics teams, manufacturers and printers I am finally ready to launch Oniberri.

When I came up with Oniberri everything fell into place. I decided I would use a brand name instead of my personal name because I wanted to freedom to create anything, to start fresh, to collaborate and host other artist's work through the site. I want to separate my fine art from my illustration.

Oniberri is inspired by anime, space, witches, mermaids, fantasies, nostalgia and all the things I held dear in my outcast heart growing up. I want to create things for the "weird kids". I am inspired by brands like LazyOaf, Valfré and OMOcat who have taken their art/creativity and turned it into something functional but expressive for everyday use. I want to be creating books, accessories, apparel and figurines as well as helping raise money for topics/issues that need it.

Although Oniberri will start out small with a select number of products I have so much hope in it's future. I will eventually be able to afford making apparel and I will be hiring models + photographers down the road. I wish to expand this brand into something big over the next few years. I hope you will follow along!

For updates and other Oniberri content please follow @oniberri on Instagram.
You can also follow my fine art account @AudraAuclair for some updates + other art.