Planning for October

Planning for October

September 07, 2018

Throughout September I will be working on some charity work with another company, I'll be making art for a short story book by Lopiken Mackenzie (which will be released soon on Oniberri), I have a print to make, I'll be picking YouTube back up and I have a couple of interviews. That being said I won't have much time for new products in October due to making new designs, personal work, and Inktober. But October is my favourite month with my favourite holiday taking place in that month, so I had to make SOMETHING for it. So here's a little design preview for my upcoming pin! This one will be dropping in October (release date will be posted in October or late September). 

October will be a very busy month. I want to keep you guys up to date on my plans going ahead with this new brand. As you know I am a fairly open person, I like sharing my process to help others and cause I find it fascinating to see how people work/function so to me this stuff is interesting. It also gives you a heads up so you know when to expect new stuff. So I'll share with you my plans for October:

    •  I may be travelling to the states (time is undetermined).
    • I will be wrapping up the short story book (that'll have about 20 illustrations in it).
    •  Wrap up magazine interview.
    •  The Halloween pin will be released on Oniberri.
    •  I will be designing, manufacturing, and photographing 8-10 products for a big November Oniberri launch.
    •  Inktober (idk how I am going to do this cause of my schedule but I'm desperate to complete it this year).

Needless to say it'll be a heckin' busy couple of months as the shop get's running. I really want to make some awesome products for the November launch. I'm not too worried about only dropping one item for Halloween since a lot of my products will be creepy anyway. Halloween is a year round thing right?

I hope you all are excited about things to come! I can't wait!