Hi! My name is Audra, I'm a Canadian fine artist and illustrator. My work has spanned across many mediums and I've exhibited my art internationally for the past few years. I love creating art that expresses the female form, my anime obsession, creepy things, 90's aesthetic, mental health issues and pop culture. After many years of selling my art online I really wanted to create a separate brand from my personal name, so I decided to create Oniberri. The reason for not using my own name is because I have always been a little uncomfortable with making my name into a brand. I still want to create fine art under my personal name but my dream is to eventually have a fully independent brand that will house creations like accessories, apparel, books, and toys. If Oniberri takes off in the future I want it to be it's own entity so it is free to expand and grow.

Though I plan to collaborate in the future with other artists, for now everything in the store is designed by me. I do the research into where I source my products to be created from. Once my product is created it is send to a small team in Washington, USA who packages and ships everything. In the past I have done all of the printing, shipping and packaging myself, some of you might remember or have bought products or art from me in the past and you'll remember that I did it all myself with a lot of help from my partner Lopi. But it had ended up taking up most of my week and kept me from doing what I loved to do, art. So moving forward I will no longer be handling the logistics as I had in the past, unless it is an original from my personal website or a Patreon print. On the plus side this will result in packages arriving sooner especially to supporters in the US and you will get to see loads of new content and products from me!